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Vacuum bagging techniques for canoes and kayaks 3 comments articles , build it yourself , tutorial by aaron miller im going to assume, for the purposes of brevity, that were working with a finished, female mold, which is coated and sealed to the point of being airtight.   reinforcing the surface of our 33 norfolk broads yacht india using pro-set 125-226 epoxy resin and vacuum infusion. The epoxy resin system is of a viscosity where by it can be used in vacuum. With 2 rights make 1 wrong and patternicity by mogwai and most. Next the 12 x is cut in the bagging film, and the vacuum coupling is inserted. The paper strip is removed from one line of the sealant tape at a time, and the bag is attached to the exposed sealant. Vacuum bagging does not have to be an extremely complex process. So, while the commercial builders struggle to shave 2-3lb with the latest vacuum bagging techniques, with a stripper, you get an immediate 10-15lb weight saving bonus! Let me say a word of caution about exotic wood. You will find cedar strip kayak plans & kits and cedar strip kayak plans & kits products competitively priced on noahsmarine. Our knowledgable staff can help you with all your boatbuilding and composite needs. Vacuum bagging can also include the use of a blotter material that absorbs some excess resin when the laminate is compressed. Removing the excess resin contained in the laminate is an essential step in lowering the weight and increasing the strength of the finished boat. With a sea kayak, it is often easier to make the deck from strip plank. Although cold molding produces a better kayak than any other method of building in wood, it is not really suitable for building a single boat. Making the mold is a lot of work, and it is best to vacuum-bag the boat while the glue is setting.   vacuum bagging is when a composite that is laid up and wet out by hand is then put under vacuum to compact the laminate and force out excess epoxy. Vacuum bagging has been a choice method of manufacturing and repairing composites for a long time. Remove when hardened, and then for the new boat, lay up the carbon, foam core, and carbon inside the mold and vacuum bag it.

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