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Despite, when i test a file from the second package it shows me compilation errors like this publicclass is not public in mypackage cannot be accessed from outside package. I tried to add a public constructor to the class from the first package, but it doesnt make any difference. If the class is not public, it is not part of the public api, so its not intended (or really possible) for you to use. To use a lightweight dialog in controlsfx, you can either use the dialogs class api and call the lightweight() method as part of the creation of your dialog, or you can call one of the dialog constructors which takes a flag for the lightweight property. In c, internal types cannot be accessed outside of the declaring assembly. Java has the concept of package-private types which similarly cannot be accessed from outside of the declaring package.   not public cannot be accessed from outside package 807601 jan 1, 2008 1210 pm hi all happy new year i try to use the inetaddress object in my java code.   hello, i have a little problem, i try to call a class public jpsecdecepflscrambling(jpsecinfodec jpsec, parameterlist pl) but the compiler gives me the following answer jpsecdecepflscrambling. Non public class classname is being accessed from outside the package packagename. Possible resolution 1 move the class to the same package where its being accessed.   in having to maintain an older ionic project, without changing much on my machine and coming back to the ionic app months later, i ended up having to do what dansterrett suggests and used cordova-plugin-camera and it seems to work well and is probably the most actively maintained. There were too many broken dependencies between mediapicker and others to successfully build for me. Checklistadapter in here only i am getting the data from the database and show it in the listview after that i here only getting checked items from the listview but i cannot understand it also. Public class checklistadapter extends baseadapter private context mcontext viewholder holder arraylistchecklistitems arremps public. The issue might be with onsearchitemselected interfaces access modifier.

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