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About video

When a woman is on her knees performing sweet fellatio to a man standing, and another man is railing her from behind, thus the two men join hands above the woman to form what looks the eiffel tower. One performs anal on himher and heshe gives the other guy head, and the two guys high five in the middle, creating an eiffel tower look alike-ish.   a exual term to say a threesome w 2 guys and a girl , where one guy gets it anally and another blowed. Jasmine, you obviously have the perfect brain for a girl who gets eiffel towered.   eiffel tower-a threesome with two guys and a girl, where one guy is hitting it from behind, and the other guy is getting a blow job. The eiffel tower is a sexual act in which a person on all fours is taken from both ends by two upright gentlemen who high five in the middle, creating the shape of an eiffel tower if you squint really hard.   the people tend to be high-fiving on the woman to help make the eiffel tower shape. By liz shao report definition latin concelebratio veneriisin this team sex work, one-man penetrates, or doggies, a female from behind while another gets a blowjob in the front. Also i can totally relate on the nursing cover, my baby girl hates it, and now that she is 8 months old, she just spends the entire time trying to pull it off instead of nursing.   whats an eiffel tower? And i dont mean the actual tower in paris? Answer save. When a girl gets penetrated from two guys while they standing one i guy in her pussy and the other in her. This gives the impressions of the eifel tower with four legs.

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