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It's hard to believe that has finally launched! After coming up with the initial concept in the fall of 2006, the site has had a few false starts and a hiatus due to general apathy. There were many times when I felt like launching an incomplete site, but I'm really glad that I waited as long as I did.

The criteria section has undergone many revisions. The research needed to refine the criteria to this point involved multiple viewings of about 15 or so "classic" Gialli. As the criteria reached its final stages of refinement, the one thing that really stood out for me is how re-watchable these films are. I seem to notice something new and interesting about them with each viewing.

Having grown up as an avid horror movie fan, Gialli were initially difficult for me to appreciate since many of them don't offer the instant gratification that zombie and slasher films do. As is the case with most fans of the genre, I initially latched on to the Giallo through the conduit of Dario Argento and his first two hyper-violent supernatural horror films, Suspiria and Inferno. I loved these films so much that it was natural to believe ALL of Argento's films were just as great (from a horror perspective) as these two. But when the credits started to roll on my rented VHS copy of The Bird with the Crystal Plumage, I sat back, a little distraught and confused, and wondered what all the fuss was about. I may have even fallen asleep at one point.

Ten or so years (and a couple of college level film appreciation courses) later, I obtained a copy of Adrian Luther Smith's ultimate Giallo companion, Blood & Black Lace and was absolutely overwhelmed at the number of films that fall into the (somewhat difficult to define) Giallo genre - somewhere around 150 by most counts.

I then started re-watching the few films I had seen before and seeking out new ones. At that time, out-of-print and very expensive imported laser disc versions were the optimal format for viewing, but once DVDs took over the video market, studios like Anchor Bay began re-releasing many Gialli, making them easier than ever to obtain. Today, with the convenience of high-speed internet and HD video encoding, just about any Giallo can be found on the internet. Some of them even turn up, in full uncut format, on Youtube!

And so, now that just about every barrier for obtaining these once elusive films has been broken, the classic Gialli (released between 1970 and 1975) are enjoying a revival of interest and appreciation. I hope this site will serve not only as a resource for discussion among die-hard fans, but also as a way to introduce new people to the genre. Now that the initial site has been populated with ten films, I hope to add one or two more each week with the eventual goal of accumulating and maintaining a repository for the genre.

I welcome all commments, questions, and criticisms so feel free to post a comment on the site or drop me a line @

September 13th, 2012